Linguistic stay for secondary schools

  • Organize a language course in France for a group of juniors or teenagers 
  • Discover the French culture as a supplement to French courses
  • Visit Val de Loire or Paris with your class.

Target audience: 12 years old and over

Duration: 1 to 4 weeks

Schedule: Personalized, minimum 12 hours of French every week

Enrollment: Groups of 5 to 60 students, the classes consist of students with the same level, maximum 18 per class

Levels: all levels

Description: These language courses include French language courses and a vast program of trips and events in Loire Valley or in Paris. The themes covered with the students, the target level of the courses, the duration and rhythm of the courses are defined with their professors. The classroom activities are coordinated with the extracurricular activities. The assessment methods are established in advance with the program director.