Cultural activities and excursions

Throughout the year, the Institut de Touraine provides the opportunity to experience cultural, sporting and gastronomic activities. These experiences enable the discovery of French traditions and heritage in a fun and enjoyable way, and reinforce language learning. The summer sees an increase in these activities when the Institute hosts more than 400 students on its courses.

Gastronomic workshops

Would you like to learn to taste the wines of Touraine or local cheeses? To prepare traditional French dishes such as crêpes, macarons or the ‘galette des rois’ eaten at Epiphany? The institute’s wine and cooking workshops initiate students into French gastronomic heritage.

Excursions and guided visits

To support its students in their discovery of French culture, the Institut de Touraine offers guided visits of the city of Tours, museums and world-famous sites: chateaus of Chenonceau, Chambord and Amboise, Mont-Saint-Michel…

Cinema club: screenings followed by debates

Screenings of French cinema movies are offered each week as part of the ‘cinéclub’. Sub-titled in French, the movies are first shown and then discussed with the students.