Team and resources

Unique teaching expertise, a specialized FLE media library, available teachers, language laboratories, modern equipment… The Institut de Touraine provides a well-designed setting and all the necessary tools to ensure an efficient learning environment for the study of French language and culture.

The teaching team

Specialists in French as a foreign language (FLE), 20 permanent teachers work at the Institut de Touraine. In addition to lessons, they provide a tutorial service to help guide each student through the learning journey. They also organize teachers’ training programs for French teachers, give classes at the University of Tours and are regularly asked to lead training courses abroad. Several teachers are and have been engaged in creating French language textbooks.


  • The Student life service helps with all aspects of student life both before their arrival in Tours and during their stay. It provides advice to future students, manages enrolment, reserves accommodation, provides support with obtaining the residency permit, etc.
  • The Studies department organizes course and examination schedules, issues certificates, and manages examination registration (DELF, DALF, TCF, TEF, DFP...)

Educational resources

  • The media library enables students to enrich their learning experience by working at their own pace using resources such as French songs, movies or documentaries, and FLE resources (speaking comprehension, dictation, phonetics and DELF preparation exercises). Specialized in FLE, the media library also enables learners to benefit from individual support every afternoon. Open every day from Monday to Friday, it houses a significant collection of literature, art history, humanities and subscriptions to many newspapers and magazines. A collection of specialized language teaching resources is also available for teachers who come to the institute to deepen their knowledge (FLE, FLS).
  • The 6 language laboratories of the Institut de Touraine have a capacity of 12 to 19 people. They provide students with the opportunity to experience phonetics classes.
  • The multimedia laboratory is available for teachers to use for multimedia sessions - audio / video / internet - with their students.

An advisory service for studying in France

The Institut de Touraine also provides an advisory service to help those students who want to continue their studies in France with finding and applying to suitable courses.