"Qualité français langue étrangère" certification

The Institut de Touraine was one of the first schools of French as a foreign language (FLE) to be certified “Qualité français langue étrangère”. This official accreditation recognizes in particular the quality of the welcome, training, teaching, premises and management of the establishment.

An official guarantee of a quality service

The “Qualité français langue étrangère” certification was created in 2007 by ministerial decree. It gives the public and agents (linguistic cooperation bodies, education managers and agents, etc.) the guarantee to identify centers in France that provide high-quality French classes and hosting services. The Institut de Touraine has been certified "Qualité français langue étrangère" since 2007. When renewing the certification in 2019, the Institut de Touraine obtained the highest scores in all areas.

A certification awarded by 3 ministries

According to the candidate center report, the certification is awarded by an interministerial commission (Ministry for National Education, Higher education and Research, Ministry for Culture and Communication, Ministry for Foreign Affairs and International Development). The award is made on the basis of a frame of reference which focuses on 5 areas: training, teaching, welcome, premises and management.