Elizabeth Peru
Very happy to be back. The teachers are profesional and they have a lot of patience.
Mithuna Canada
I have learnt a lot of French and I have a great experience. I think that this course is better than the one I attend in my university during the academic year
Ruby USA
A wonderful education in French. I am very grateful to the Institut de Touraine for this great experience!
Laura Colombia
One of the best summers of my life! I did not know any French and 2 months later I was speaking well!!
Maria Raquel Spain
Moments I will never forget! I have very good memories of my time spent at the Institut de Touraine. Excellent teachers!
Muhrah Saudi Arabia
Very efficient and competent teachers. I enjoyed my experience at the school, it was very pleasant. All the staff was very friendly. I was a complete beginner, but after 7 weeks, I can tell taht my French is good for a beginner, thanks to my teachers' hard They are all very patient and cooperative.
Ana Mexique
Varied learning methods. The Institut de Touraine has really helped me to progress in French as I had different teachers and methods of teaching. At the same time, I had relations with people from all over the world, I spoke French with them and learned a lot of new things.
Carole UK
My French has progressed, the best part of the program was the teachers, patient, fun, speaking great French language, interactive with student of all nationalities and always with respect. It was a perfect atmosphere to learn.

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