What's new in 2017?

Institut de Touraine changes its programs of French in 2017.

Here is a quick summary of our program offer for 2017

  • Intensive French course : our most popular program, with 22.5 hours per week, including phonetics class, tutorials, cultural electives, action-based units, DELF DALF exam preparation, etc. 

  • Combi cours standard – a combination of a standard French language course (15 hours per week, morning class) with 3 hours of private tuition in the afternoon. 

  • DELF B1 or B2 exam preparation course. A new program scheduled in spring 2017.

  • Discovery course – A French language course with pre-booked cultural activities. This course is scheduled from June until September, to make the most of your stay in the Loire Valley. 

  • Immersion French course – a French program designed for people living in France who wish to improve their command of the French language. This course is scheduled on Saturday morning.

  •  Last but not least, our standard course (15 hours per week, morning class) is renewed...without any change!

Long term stay

For long terme courses (lasting between 16 and 48 weeks), special discounts apply, with 1 to 6 free weeks of free tuition, according to the duration of stay. This offer is valid throughout the year.