Online Courses

Number of hours : 15 hours per week - all levels

Course content

• Group online classes combined with online material, following our syllabuses

• Communicative classes with a focus on giving students plenty of language practice with classmates and the teachers

• Speaking practice with error correction and feedback from our teachers and guidance on how to improve

• Listening & Reading tasks

• Writing practice

• Structured language practice with our teachers

• Guided self-study to give students plenty of opportunities to practice and improve the language and skills being focused on in class time

Course organisation

Online lessons are delivered using Zoom, accessible through both mobile devices and computers (PC and Mac). You simply need a phone or a computer (laptop) and a (stable) Wifi connection.

Students are contacted with the login details and class time so as to initiate or continue their courses with our teachers. Daily feedback from our teachers and guidance. In case of no attendance of students to any online class, the recorded online lesson and online material are sent to them.


- Courses provided by highly qualified teachers

- Personalized monitoring

- DELF and DALF preparation

- Free access to online magazines and newspapers