Discovery course - French language and culture

15h or 21h

  • Combine French language learning with cultural discovery of the Loire Valley, a region that is famous for its natural and cultural heritage 
  • Practice your French through selected activities,
  • Complement your French course by registering for the cultural program.


Public: ages 16 and over

Duration: 2 or 4 weeks

Schedule: from Monday to Friday (except public holidays), with some cultural activities taking place on saturdays

Class size: 10 to 15 students per class (maximum 15 students)

Levels: a minimum of 6 levels, from beginner to advanced. To benefit fully from the cultural activities, it is advised to be a B1 level.

Before their arrival at the Institute, students are invited to take an online test to assess their skills. 

Description: the discovery course – French and cultural activities is composed of:

  • a standard 15 hour course OR an intensive 21hour course  - 28 lessons over 2 to 4 weeks
  • 15 hours of cultural activities over 2 weeks, including: one full day excursion, one half-day excursion, a cooking class and a wine workshop. 

For underage students, wine tasting is replaced by another activity.  Students staying 4 weeks get 2 culture packs, equivalent to 30 hours of activities

Course available ONLY between May 27 and  September 13  2019 and between May 25 and August 31 2020.

The programs of our language programs are organized according to our own curricula and in compliance with the Common European Framework of Reference. To offer total immersion, classes frequently make reference to French culture and current affairs.

Assessment: students are regularly assessed in order to monitor their progress and to determine their change of level.